A figure of speech comparing two unlike things. Often starts with like or as.
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your fat as a pig .Nicole.R
the computer squeked like a mause!
logan eats like a pig yet he is still skinny!
he is as fast as a cheatah Ashley F
you mest up like a dieing hippo. Brooks
nathan looks like a stick brendan
your grades are as bad as mine. Julia F.
You are as tall as a tree. JULIE AND LAUREN.
You run as slow as a snail.julie & Lauren
you are as skiny as a pole Ashley F
Devon Robert Keller
Nathan is as fast as a bullet .
you are as fast as a racecar michael
Andrew can draw as fast as an artist. ANDREW
Tyler James Bynaker hits hard as a bulldozer.
Ashley is as cool as the brezze. Julia F

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