The repeating of the first consonant sounds in two or more words next to each other in a sentence.
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mommy made me famus food .-Nicole.R.
Friends fight football.-Colby
gary gulped goo.- Ashley F
Bobs bear bashed Bob.-Jared

Mommy made me make milk.-Colby

Mommy may I mash my m&m's.-Colby
manny made a mappy high score logan r
amy ate an apple at an attic at a aunty ann's arbys-TM. logan R
Mommy made me moldy food.-Drew
Make my bed better than bob's.-Drew
I got gross gunk.-Jared
I got gross gray grass.-Drew
My mom made master meatballs.-Julia F.
Mommy made me moldy food.-Drew
chico checked out baby chiks in a chiken pen!
the bimbo babeled in the bottomless pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daddy drop my donut.Derrik
Silly Sally went to the seashore to buy seashells.-Nathan Prout

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